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Steel and matrix PDC drill bits


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About company

KDC Repair & Tool Shop LLP is one of the first Diamond PDC Drill Bit manufacture and repair company in Central Asia.

It is the first licensed and certified PDC Drill Bit Producer in Kazakhstan.

The Company was founded in 2007 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, as a repair shop of drill bits and other drilling equipment. The shop is able to repair PDC bits with steel and matrix body, as well as core bits to new condition from any producer.

In 2009 the company modified its workshop in order to be able to produce new bits.
We offer KDC PDC drilling bits of our own design at flexible pricing. By now we are the one of main PDC drill bit manufacturer in Kazakhstan.

Our high qualified specialists completed training in major PDC Drill Bit company in the USA. Our shop is equipped with high quality local and Western equipment and is able to provide an excellent manufacture and repair job. We offer tailored solutions with the use of cutters from world leading cutter suppliers.

By choosing our company for repair your PDC drilling bits, you gain following benefits:

  • Affordable price (approx. 30% of the price of new bit)
  • Decreasing transportation costs
  • Lack of export and import customs formalities and duties
  • Excellent service
  • Local content

We invite you to our workshop. If you have any questions, contact us, please.

Jos Huizing
General Director
KDC Repair & Tool Shop LLP

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