Bits manufacture

KDC bits - high performance steel and matrix PDC bits, providing high quality well construction and achieving maximum techno-economic performances.

KDC Repair & Tool Shop LLP produces its own designed PDC-bits for the Oil and Gas and Mining Industry. These high tech PDC-bits has the latest features and cutter technology.

PDC Bit Design
  • All designs are force balanced
  • 3D computer models
  • Standard and custom designs
pdc bits design
Matrix Body PDC
  • Tungsten Carbide matrix shell – excellent erosion and abrasive wear resistance
  • Gage pads have Thermally Stable Polycrystalline (TSP) diamonds
  • 2 Piece construction with 4140 alloy steel shank for API connection
  • Interchangeable nozzles for customizing the TFA of each application
  • Available in many bit sizes and styles
matrix pdc bits
Steel Body PDC
  • Extensive tungsten carbide hardfacing prolongs bit life
  • 2 Piece construction - 4140 alloy steel crown welded to 4140 alloy steel shank
  • Interchangeable nozzles for customizing the TFA of each application
  • Five Axis Machining of Steel Bit Crowns and Matrix Bit Blanks
steel pdc bits
PDC Cutters

KDC Repair & Tool Shop LLP has direct agreements with world leading manufacturers of synthetic diamonds. This allows us to fit our PDC bits with Premium, high performance cutters.

pdc cutters